Tom Holland Spotted In Euphoria Memes

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Warning: Euphoria Season 2, Episode 7 spoilers below!!!

At this point, Tom Holland has expressed to everyone and their mom about his desire to make a cameo in Euphoria.

I would personally love to see Tom slap on some glitter and resign his face to an angsty look to walk the halls of Euphoria High, but it is hard to imagine.

And apparently, I’m not alone in wanting Tom on Euphoria, because after the latest episode — which brilliantly featured Lexi’s play — some super-dedicated (and talented) fans took it upon themselves to photoshop Tom into the audience.

@fernlangdon / Via Twitter: @fernlangdon

After running back to the episode to confirm for sure that Tom was, sadly, not in the audience, I can say the memes are still superb.

I just love that someone decided to make Tom’s dreams come true.

And honestly, I’m still convinced he might sneak into the Season 2 finale this Sunday.