TikTok’s “Cacio E Pepe” Gabby Eniclerico Addresses Bullying

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Since going viral Eniclerico has been called ugly, pretty, a young boy, an old man, the human form of BuzzFeed (we know it’s derogatory, relax), and has been sent death threats, fan mail, and recognized in public, where she said she is more than happy to yell “cacio e pepe” for any passersby who request it. But being catapulted to internet fame for being mocked isn’t easy. “I think this social media presence has made me honestly not like the internet,” she said.

Raised in New Jersey, Eniclerico said her exaggerated accent was just a part of her Italian American background, but didn’t mind the teasing, especially from “actual” Italians who told her that she’s saying it incorrectly. “If you take it too seriously, you’ll never be able to make any more videos,” Eniclerico said.

After going viral for her pronunciation, she’s regularly become the subject of many jokes, including enraging Canadian viewers for eating nonauthentic poutine, as well as revealing her age (26 years old) to many commenters’ surprise. “Oh my god, you guys totally thought I was 17, didn’t you?” she said in a now-viral video.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/stefficao/tiktoks-cacio-e-pepe-woman-gabby-eniclerico

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