A Walmart customer believes to have seized upon the reason why “people steal from Walmart,” and as she shared on TikTok, it had everything to do with a security guard she captured jumping rope in front of one of the big box stores.

The video comes from creator Shakerra (@kerra201), with 315,000 views since it went up on May 25.

The short clip shows two security guards outside a Walmart, with one standing and the other jumping rope. The jumper has good technique, moving from one leg to the other while keeping a regular rhythm as he jumps.

@kerra201 #WALMART #SECURITY ♬ original sound – Shakerra H418

But the text overlay indicates the creator is not impressed. It starts, “SECURITY SECURITY,” and then contends, “This is why people steal from Walmart because this is what SECURITY is doing.”

A number of viewers weren’t impressed with Shakerra’s observation and took to the comments to express their disagreement.

“Why you worried about people stealing from Walmart? You aren’t paying for all the stolen goods,” asked one person.

“They could be on break like girl who gaf,” pointed out another.

One person suggested, “They don’t get paid enough.” According to job site Indeed, Walmart security guards earn around $15.95 an hour.

But most of the commenters were highly amused.

“LMFAOOOOOOOOOO this is so funny,” one remarked.

Another cracked, “Me as a security guard.”

Someone else wrote, “This looks like something I would do.”

Based on recent reports about Walmart’s new security systems, it’s feasible that Walmart doesn’t even need security guards. In a February 2023 story, the Daily Dot wrote about a TikToker who claimed that Walmart cameras were tracking customers, and in February 2022, a Walmart worker claimed customers were even being watched in the parking lot.

Still, it seems that while the Shakerra sought to rile people up about the state of Walmart’s security, she elicited mostly laughter instead.

One simply asked, “Why is this adorable?”

The Daily Dot reached out to Shakerra for further information via TikTok comment.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/walmart-security-guard-jumping-rope/