There’s no shortage of social media posts from Goodwill shoppers lambasting the thrift store chain for some of its merchandise and the subsequent prices.

In some instances, shoppers have noticed that identical items will have vastly different costs. Others have spotted that Goodwill sometimes charges more for an item than the original retailer.

Now, another social media user has spotted a Goodwill price hike. In a video that has garnered over 19,000 views, a TikToker named Veronica (@thatgirl_verooo) shared that she found a price disparity between the original and Goodwill tags of a Banana Republic dress she found at the thrift store.

@thatgirl_verooo Like we cant see the original tags?? @Goodwill Industries Intl. get a grip #goodwill #thrifting #thiftingfinds ♬ original sound – Veronica

“I swear to God this is why I hate shopping at the Goodwill,” Veronica says to start the clip.

She then points the camera at a dress on one of the store’s racks and grabs the original tag.

“You have to see this Banana Republic dress that was on sale, selling for $29.99,” she says. Then, she grabs the Goodwill tag affixed to a different part of the dress: “They upped the price to $49.99. Are you kidding me?”

In the comments section, viewers echoed Veronica’s shock and levied criticisms at Goodwill.

“Goodwill is a joke now,” one person wrote.

“$50 at goodwill???” a second asked.

“I’m a thrifter. And I hate the Goodwill,” a third said. “It’s my only negative review on yelp.”

“I only go to the Goodwill for the the video games and the DVDs,” another added.

Some commenters noted that items were priced much higher than they needed to be for the company to turn a profit.

“I worked at a thrift store and they only needed to sell each item for .25 to make a profit,” one viewer shared.

“Wait, they are selling donated clothing items for $50? Donated items! Now I see how the CEO is able to make millions,” another remarked.

Others offered suggestions for getting items at reduced prices.

“Take to the manager and ask them to help you,they often will lower the price to what you want it and you will not be able to return it,” one commenter wrote.

A number of longtime thrifters have taken to the web to express their discontent with shopping at Goodwill, stating that they’ve stopped heading to the store as it no longer offers the same value it once did.

The Daily Dot contacted Goodwill via email and Veronica via TikTok comment for further information.

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