There Were So Many Raccoons In The Stands At An Arkansas Baseball Game

In 1888, Ernest Thayer wrote the poem “Casey at the Bat.” One of the greatest poems in all of American literature, “Casey at the Bat” tells the story of the baseball team in the town of Mudville. As the team entered the ninth inning down by two, the fans found themselves hoping, praying, that Casey — the team’s star player who was scheduled to hit fifth — would get one chance to step up to the plate with a chance to win the game. After two outs, a pair of poor hitters did the unthinkable by getting on base and giving Casey an at-bat, only for the local hero to strike out swinging.

Now, imagine you are there for that game, only instead of a fictional stadium in 1888, you’re at an Arkansas-Vanderbilt game in Fayetteville on Friday night. And instead of waiting for Casey to step up to the dish with the hopes that he can carry your team to a win, a pair of raccoons ran into the stands while you were trying to watch a gosh dang baseball game. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because that happened!

It seemed like it was going to be a one raccoon evening — which, let’s face it, far too many raccoons — but as it turned out, a second raccoon saw the first one do its thing, must’ve thought that was pretty awesome, and did the same.

Even the official Razorback baseball Twitter account got in on the fun.

Anyway, Vanderbilt won, 9-6.