‘The White Lotus’ Season Two Expectations: ‘Bedroom Farce With Teeth’

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We tried to tell you (back on July 9, 2022) that The White Lotus is a very good show. Fast forward a few months, and people were shaking their heads in disbelief after Murray Bartlett’s Armond dropped a revenge “present” in the suitcase of Jake Lacy’s horrible honeymooning bro. The show’s a brilliant satire on wealth and malaise and features the delightful Jennifer Coolidge as perpetually tipsy socialite Tanya McQuoid.

The sleeper hit initially appeared to be a limited series, but by popular demand, The White Lotus got a Season 2 renewal and a new label of anthology series. What should we expect from the next round of episodes? For starters, Tanya will head to Italy, where she’ll spend time at another one of The White Lotus resorts. One can (hopefully) expect plenty of passive-aggressive exchanges between characters, and while speaking to Vulture, creator/writer/director Mike White revealed that he was the drive behind the push to Italy, rather than another tropical locale. There will be the customary assortment of vacationers, including romance seekers and “three generations of Italian American men traveling back to their ancestral country.” Yet the focus this time won’t be so much on simmering conflict between guests and hosts but in exploring “jealousy” and all of its inherent byproducts. Here’s more from Vulture:

The first season focused on the way the rich perpetuate the structures of colonialism with casual cruelty, all while deluding themselves into thinking they’re good people. In season two, White has pulled back from writing about the power dynamics between guests and employees; here in Sicily, he was drawn to the myths of masculinity and femininity and to one of his recurring fascinations: the particularities of jealousy, especially of the sexual kind. White loves the types of feelings that involve wishing you were someone else or somewhere else. He chooses to describe this season as “a bedroom farce with teeth.”

In addition, White’s thrilled that he managed to funnel all of his creative energy into near creative control of this franchise. He’s excited after hoping that he’s “cracked the code,” but “I really don’t want to f*ck it up.” From there, we can expect (other than Coolidge) a brand new cast of insufferable yet fascinating characters portrayed by Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, F. Murray, Abraham, Michael Imperioli, and Haley Lu Richardson. Get your Mai Tai’s ready, y’all.

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