The White House Summoned A Classic ‘ClickHole’ Joke After They Finally Agreed With Matt Gaetz About Something

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Is the U.S. government actually going to shut down? Again? Barring some miracle, it seems likely. Right now the House GOP, who kicked off their tenure earlier this year with a sign of the chaos to come, is in tatters trying to craft a resolution that will appease the unappeasable MAGA wing of the party. Who’s ultimately to blame? In an unexpected fit of comity, it appears Trumpist lunatic Matt Gaetz and the White House finally found something they agree on.

Speaking to reporters, Gaetz punted blame for the shutdown on the House Speaker he so hates.

“We will have a government shutdown and it is absolutely Speaker McCarthy’s fault,” Gaetz said. “We cannot blame Joe Biden for not having moved our individual spending bills. We cannot blame House Democrats. We can’t even blame Chuck Schumer in the Senate.”

Soon thereafter, the White House’s Twitter/X account agreed, at least with that part, busting out the classic ClickHole joke “The worst person you know just made a great point.”

Of course, McCarthy isn’t only to blame for the looming shutdown. You try wrangling the intransigent MAGA gang, Gaetz very much included, who’ve issued impossible, far right demands from which they will not budge.

Perhaps Gaetz is simply trying to deflect blame. When asked, point blank, by The Washington Post if the government was going to shut down, he replied, “Yes, and it’s Kevin McCarthy’s fault that the government is going to shut down.” He continued:

“There’s a lot of things going wrong in this country that we can blame the Democrats for: the open border, the weaponized government. But we cannot blame the Democrats for having not done our job to comply with the coalition agreement that we made at the beginning of the year. That is the fault of the speaker, and I believe that if he does not immediately remediate that, he will likely face a motion to vacate.”

Gaetz concluded that McCarthy’s reign as speaker has been marked by “lies and broken promises and failure and shutdowns.” He added that “while that may be Kevin McCarthy’s legacy, it will not be mine.”

Or maybe it will be both of their legacies.

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