‘The View’ Hosts Actually Find Joe Rogan’s Apology ‘Refreshing’ After Spotify Took Steps To Address His Dangerous Misinformation

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Joe Rogan is (still) not a doctor, even though millions of people listen to him, and a lot of people apparently take his Covid advice. That includes UFC president Dana White and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, who both readily embrace Rogan’s seemingly indiscriminate adoption of virus-related conspiracy theories. Amid all of this, Rogan caught Covid and declared that he was taking Ivermectin and then he got very upset about CNN reporting that he took “horse dewormer,” but that definitely didn’t stop the misinformation fountain. In fact, hundreds of doctors signed an open letter to Spotify while asking the streaming service to address the mess.

Results didn’t happen immediately. It really wasn’t until Neil Young and Joni Mitchell decided to pull their music from Spotify that the ball started rolling, and Spotify declared that they would add “content advisory” warnings to Rogan’s podcast. This led the controversial host to apologize and admit that he gets things wrong, and The View hosts are pleasantly surprised by this display of accountability. Here’s how Ana Navarro put it:

“I’m so used to seeing these people who lie, and misinform, and spread conspiracy theories, double down instead of apologize. Even though he’s not my cup of tea (I don’t listen to him, I don’t agree with him) I found that refreshing to hear the words ‘I’m sorry.’”

Guest host Sara Haines also used the “refreshing” word while reacting to Rogan’s apology, but Joy Behar was not convinced that Rogan will change his ways. “Hasn’t he also been chastised and corrected and just goes back to his craziness again?” Behar asked. “I don’t know that he can be reformed.” Only time will tell.

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/the-view-joe-rogan-covid-misinformation/