The Impending Sriracha Shortage Has People Scrambling To Get Their Fix, And Here’s Why It’s Happening

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The baby formula shortage has turned into a real crisis for parents (especially of the working variety, which people must be to keep kids afloat in other ways). On a more trivial note, though, frustrating shortages of certain foods at the grocery store has made life at least a little less enjoyable. Saltine crackers, for example, proved to be more missed than expected when that supply ran dry. Hummus lovers are currently searching high and low for their favorite brands, and now, sriracha sauce lovers might not be able to get their fix this summer.

Yes, it’s true. As Bloomberg reports, Huy Fong Foods Inc. has suspended all foreseeable production of the highly addictive spicy condiment “due to a shortage of chili peppers.” According to CBS News, the sauce drought could last until Labor Day, and this is likely all down to a literal drought, given that Mexico and the Western U.S. are experiencing unfavorable weather conditions to grow chili peppers.

This, of course, is not going over well for those who like it spicy yet aren’t willing to pour ghost pepper powder all over things. Here’s a sampling of the freak out in process as people make mad dashes to the grocery store.

Be careful out there, folks. Saltines finally came back, though, so there’s hope on the horizon.

(Via Bloomberg & CBS News)


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