‘The Boys’ Is Getting A Spinoff Set In Mexico Involving ‘Andor’ Star Diego Luna (Plus His Pal Gael García Bernal)

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The Boys was originally supposed to be a movie. Adam McKay was supposed to direct. Now look at it. Instead of a film, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s renegade superhero comic became a non-McKay TV show that’s blossomed into an ever-expanding televisual empire. Earlier in the fall, Amazon debuted Gen V, which took the franchise to college. (This followed the style-bending animated spinoff Diabolical.) Now they’re going south of the border.

Per Deadline, Amazon has announced The Boys: Mexico. Its titular location is mostly all that’s being made public about the spinoff, but there is this: It will be overseen by Gareth Dunnet-Alcoer, writer of the DCEU’s Blue Beetle. And it will involve Andor’s Diego Luna and his frequent collaborator/buddy Gael García Bernal. The two will serve as executive producers, and heck, they might even act in it as well, though neither would be one of the leads.

Luna and Bernal go way back. They played besties some two decades ago in Alfonso Cuarón’s NC-17-rated Y Tu Mamá Tambien (the movie that got him the Harry Potter 3 job), and have since reunited repeatedly, both on-screen and as producers. Let’s get the boys back together for The Boys.

In the meantime, Season 4 of The Boys is still on the docket, though it has yet to nab an official release date beyond some time next year. Hopefully, Homelander actor Anthony Starr will have had a better time filming it than he did his quick but memorable cameo on Gen V.

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