The Bears Will Wear An Orange Helmet For The First Time In Franchise History In Two Games This Season

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bears helmet

The Chicago Bears have a rather iconic look in the world of football, as the franchise hasn’t changed their look in decades, particularly their helmet which has been pretty much the same since the 1973, when they took on the orange and blue look with their famous C logo.

Their helmet in particular has been a constant over the past five decades, but like the Cincinnati Bengals with their new icy white helmet, this year will feature a new alternate helmet in Chicago for the first time in franchise history. On Sunday, the Bears unveiled an orange look that they will debut on October 11 against the Washington Commanders, with a flip turning their traditional navy helmet with an orange C into an orange helmet with a navy C to pair with their orange jersey and white pants.

The reaction was mixed on social media — although just about everyone met the news with shock given how traditional the franchise has remained over the years with their look — as some fans were big fans of the new look while others weren’t quite as sold on it. As a non-Bears fan, I’m not a huge fan of the look, as it’s just too much orange for a team where the orange has never been the primary color. I think the orange helmets would look better with the navy uniforms than with the orange ones, because they look upsettingly like a weird Browns alternate someone on Reddit came up with.

In any case, these will be worn twice this season by the Bears, first in that Commanders game and later on October 30 against the Dallas Cowboys.


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