"My Dog Barking Like He Got His $75 For Pet Rent" — Plus 25 More Hilarious Black Tweets You MUST See This Week

“it should not be this hard to cancel a planet fitness membership. I’m joining a new gym so I wanted to cancel and the lady at the front desk said ‘and if i don’t cancel it, what are you gunna do about it?’ ?????????” View Entire Post › Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/michaelabramwell/hilarious-weekly-black-tweets-june-10th

"My Toaster Oven Does Not Need To Be 'Smart'": People From All Generations Are Sharing The "Boomer" Opinions They Actually Agree With

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"My Dad Decided To Have A Child-Free Wedding, So I Wasn't Invited" — This Teen Wants To Know If She Was In The Wrong For Exposing Her Father Who Wouldn't Allow Her At His Wedding

“On the day of the wedding, I am still going to be 17. Therefore, I’m not allowed to be at the wedding because Anna wants to stay true to the child-free rule — even for the daughter of the groom and her about-to-be stepdaughter…” View Entire Post › Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristatorres/dad-excludes-daughter-from-wedding-reddit

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"My Salary Is Actually HIGHER Because I Took Vacation": This TikToker Is Sharing Shocking Differences In Her Life After Moving To Sweden

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Post Malone Addressed Concerns Over His Health: "My Brain Is In A Super Dope Place, And I'm The Happiest I've Been In A Long Time"

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"My Husband Asked For An Abortion As His Anniversary Gift": People Are Sharing The Moment They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

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"My Father-In-Law Slept With My Husband's Ex-Wife": 23 People Revealed Their "Final Straw" Moments That Convinced Them To Cut Off Their In-Laws

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