Spotify Wrapped filled everyone’s social media feeds at the end of November, shortly following the popularity of the Instafest app that turned a user’s listening history into a festival lineup. Now, Spotify is introducing a new feature for music lovers to play around with: Playlist In A Bottle.

Playlist In A Bottle invites users to make playlists that will be locked until January 2024 — a sonic time capsule. It’s only available until the end of this month, so it’s time to get curating. Users will also be given choices of time capsules, such as a bottle, a jean pocket, a gumball machine, a lunch box, a teddy bear, and an acorn. Prompts will help the user pick songs, including a song you’d pay to hear for the first time again, a song you want to hear live this year, a song that won’t make any sense a year from now, and more. The feature is live on the Spotify app now.

The Instafest app was so successful last year that the realistic nature of the fake festival flyers fooled many fans on Twitter into thinking they were real. “Found out these musical festivals are just generated by oomfs spotifys why I looked up how to buy tickets….” one user wrote in a viral tweet.