‘South Park’ Drops The First Promo For Its Long-Awaited Season 25 And It’s All About… Pajamas?

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After creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone cranked out two pandemic specials to tide over fans, South Park is officially returning for its 25th season this week. The new season kicks off Wednesday night on Comedy Central, and ahead of the first all-new episode since 2019, the show dropped a short promo for the season premiere. No doubt piggybacking off the contentious, ripped from the headlines issue of how teachers are being treated during the pandemic, the promo shows the kids losing their Pajama Day privileges after being their usual selves to Mr. Garrison.

Via SouthPark.com:

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny do not get to wear their pajamas to school on the most important day of the year in the season 25 premiere of “South Park,” appropriately titled “Pajama Day,” airing on Wednesday, February 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. After failing to show respect for their teacher, PC Principal revokes Pajama Day privileges for the entire 4th grade class. Cartman is distraught. The kids aren’t going to stand for it but PC Principal refuses to back down.

As for where to watch the new season… oh boy.

While Parker and Stone have announced a slew of new South Park movies will be coming to Paramount+, you can only watch the new South Park episodes as they air on Comedy Central, or on the Comedy Central app and SouthPark.com after they air. As part of Parker and Stone’s deal with HBO Max, the 25th season will be available on that streaming platform at a later date. Got all that?

South Park Season 25 premieres Wednesday, February 2 at 8 PM ET/PT on Comedy Central.

(Via Comedy Central)

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