‘Sometimes i just give up’: Starbucks worker reveals the ‘betrayal’ of Frappuccino dome lids

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Platforms like TikTok have given workers a unique place to share the daily difficulties of being a Starbucks. From videos of the coffee chain’s employees spilling recipes to duping their well-loved pastries, nearly every secret an employee believes the company has is plastered across the app in short videos.

Baristas frequently take to TikTok to share their highs and lows. These have included rude customers and frustrations with the packaging and procedures necessary to make beverages.

A TikToker’s five-second clip showing themselves struggling with a dome lid on a whipped cream-topped beverage at Starbucks is resonating with viewers. With the video gaining more than 2.3 million views as of Tuesday morning, hundreds of people have left comments on the clip posted by Alfonso (@v1fonso).

“These stupid f*cking lids,” a text overlay on the video reads.

@v1fonso i hate dome lids! #starbucks #tobeapartner #falldrinks #starbucksdrinks #fyp ♬ SkeeYee – Sexyy Red

The shape of the domed lids has historically presented an issue for some baristas trying to get them onto cups without issue, whether because the plastic is variable in strength, as some employees of the coffee chain have shared, or because they become slippery with condensation.

Many viewers wrote messages empathizing with the poster, writing that they also struggle with the cup lids meant for beverages like frappuccinos.

“Dome lids are my biggest betrayal,” one commenter wrote.

“REAL and it’s always either during rush or when someone is watching,” another said.

“No cause sometimes i just give up and hand it to my coworker,” a further user shared.

Some offered advice for getting the lids on properly without disturbing the whipped cream inside. The solutions range from warming the lid so that it bends more easily around the cup, while others suggested adding the whipped cream after putting on the lid.

“I learned to double cup it and then put on the lid,” one viewer commented. “that works for some reason.”

“Tip: try putting the whipped cream after putting on the lid through the hole,” another wrote. “That might help.”

“Run it under hot water for a few seconds and it’ll go right on!!” a third said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Alfonso via Instragram direct message as well as to Starbucks via email regarding the video.

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New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/