‘So all movie theater employees struggling huh?’: AMC worker receives Regal popcorn buckets in viral TikTok

A viral video of an AMC Theatres receiving Regal Cinemas popcorn tubs has garnered 667,000 views on TikTok, where jokes about how they ended up there have flooded the comment section.

Posted by @roxyluver123, the video shows her going to the back of the theater’s inventory area to grab additional tubs, saying that they had run out. When she got there, she found that her AMC location had received a delivery of Regal-branded popcorn vessels.


The delivery guy must’ve been BAKEEDDDD! 😂💀

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Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres are two of the largest movie theater chains in the U.S. But they are separate entities entirely, leaving many confused as to how they arrived in a competitor’s inventory. The TikToker offered one joking solution in the caption of her video: The possibility that the person who delivered them was under the influence.

Some commenters suggested it was due to a shortage of product, and shared their experiences of mixed branding on their disposable food containers.

“When I worked at Five Guys Burgers the delivery guy brought Jamba Juice cups by accident,” one commenter wrote. “We used them still.”

Other movie theater employees wrote that the video reminded them that other theater chains are also experiencing similar issues as supply chain-driven shortages hit different industries.

“Nice to know that every theater chain is running out of everything,” one commenter who identified themselves as a Cinemark employee wrote.

The poster @roxyluvr123 let commenters know that while she was uncertain what happened to the popcorn buckets, she does know that they were not served to customers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @roxyluvr123 via TikTok DM and comment on the video, pending an Instagram follow request for DM access. We’ve also reached out to AMC Theaters directly via email regarding the video.

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