Sean Hannity is technically a journalist, but he’s often been accused of doing the Republican party’s bidding. And for good reason: On top of unfailingly fawning interviews with Donald Trump (in which he tries, and fails, to get him to do the right thing), he was also caught firing off texts to his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows as the former president’s violent supporters were storming the Capitol. But that wasn’t the only time the Fox News reporter was commingling with the Trump team.

On Monday, CNN revealed they’d obtained almost 2,500 text messages between Meadows and various conservative figures, from lawmakers to reporters. It’s how the public learned Marjorie Taylor Greene had indeed floated the idea of Trump imposing Marshal Law (though she didn’t spell that correctly). On a less disturbing but still troubling note, there’s Hannity straight-up taking orders from Meadows two months earlier, on Election Day.

“Hey. NC gonna be ok?” Hannity texted to Meadows on November 3, inquiring about Meadows’ home state, in which he may have committed voter fraud.

“Stress every vote matters,” Meadows responded. “Get out and vote. On radio.”

“Yes sir,” Hannity wrote back. “On it. Any place in particular we need a push”

Meadows pointed to Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada, in addition to North Carolina. “Got it,” Hannity replied. “Everywhere.”

Yep, a Fox News host was so close with the Trump team that he was referring to one of the highers-up as “sir.”

Will Hannity bring this up on his nightly show? Or will he do what Republicans often do when they know they can’t spin some bad news and ignore it, waiting for their followers to forget about it? Take a guess.

(Via MSN)