Rudy Giuliani Ain’t Happy That NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Accusing Him Of Making A False Police Report Over His ‘Attack’

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All Rudy Giuliani wanted to do was campaign for his much-mocked son, who’s running for governor in the state in which his offices were once raided by the feds. Instead he found himself in yet another one of his creative, Clouseau-esque humiliations. On Sunday, Giuliani was slapped on the back at a Long Island ShopRite. He claimed he was attacked. Surveillance footage showed he wasn’t. Eventually the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, claimed he filed a false police report. And now there’s an old-fashioned NYC mayor fight.

“@ericadamsfornyc has 39% more crime than DeBlasio,” Giuliani wrote, comparing Adams to his predecessor. “He is accusing me of filing a false statement about the assault in SI. The report was filed by the NYPD, after interviewing independent witnesses. The video is deceiving. A tap doesn’t cause swelling.” He tagged it “#incompetentmayor”

It’s not the first time Giuliani has come for a Black mayor of NYC. Before he got the job in 1994, he came for his own predecessor, David Dinkins, even help start a riot in which white NYPD officers attacked City Hall. On Monday, Giuliani sang his own praises, claiming he cleaned up Harlem by going after “crooked black politicians.”

Giuliani has stuck by his claims that the slap he received was something much worse, and hasn’t convincingly explained how footage of the incident was, as he put it, “deceiving.” Meanwhile, reporters have gone so far as to do a slow-motion play-by-play of the most high-profile slap since this year’s Oscars.


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