Rather Than Oppose Him, Republicans Are Just ‘Waiting For Him To Die,’ Says One Former GOP Lawmaker

The Republican Party has been the party of Donald Trump since mid-2016, when he improbably clinched the presidential nomination. They tried their best to stop him. But some of his fiercest GOP critics only wound up becoming one of his best friends. Most, however, have simply remained silent, and one former Republican lawmaker has gone and said the quiet part loud.

In a new column for The Bulwark (as caught by Raw Story), former RNC spokesperson Tim Miller took his party to task for “humoring” the big guy, expecting that he’d eventually go away. He sure hasn’t. But Miller quotes another member of the party — a former congressman, speaking under anonymity — who lays out the only real plan anyone in the GOP has of expelling the guy who allegedly attacks Secret Service agents and throws food: “We’re just waiting for him to die.”

Miller agrees, saying those in the party won’t grow a backbone. “Instead,” Miller writes, “they will soldier on. Playing the same big game of pretend with our democracy in the balance. After all, the downside for humoring him for just a little more time is likely to be felt by other people. And the upside of humoring? That accrues directly to the Republicans who want power.”

He ends on a mordant note. “But don’t worry,” he writes. “Eventually they’ll be able to tell the truth. Probably. As long as he’s the one who croaks first.”

(Via The Bulwark and Raw Story)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/trump-republicans-waiting-for-him-to-die/