‘Power Book IV: Force’: Ranking The Power Players In ‘Tommy’s Back’ (Season 2, Episode 1)

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(WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent Power Book IV: Force episode will be found below.)

Tommy Egan is back on the prowl in Chicago in the season two premiere of Power Book IV: Force. In the episode, titled “Tommy’s Back,” he’s still reeling from Liliana’s death and vows to avenge it to the fullest extent possible. This eventually leads to the pursuit of the Flynns who are in hiding following the shootout that led to Liliana’s death at the end of season one. Though the Flynns as a whole are at war with Tommy, they’re also at war within themselves as Claudia and Vic Flynn aren’t seeing eye to eye with their father Walter. Still, taking down Tommy is the least of their worries as Walter has to figure out how to right the deaths of the men from Dublin that he asked for to help him (unsuccessfully) take out Tommy. On the flip side, Vic and Claudia attempt to work together to take down their father and re-establish their position in the city drug game. Things eventually go left for Claudia as the formula for Dahlia gets leaked on the internet (thanks to Tommy). Claudia then decides to kill her chemist after she wrongfully concludes that she leaked the formula. This leads to Vic’s decision to end his partnership with Claudia as she killed the chemist without consulting him first.

Closer to Tommy’s world, we also see that the beef between Diamond and Jenard is very much alive. In the season one finale, Diamond forced Jenard to split the CBI territory in Chicago in half in exchange for not killing him. With this agreement, Jenard and his crew are still deadset on taking out his new competition while Diamond views his brother and his crew as another enemy on their list. Between the two crews, we can see who has their things together and it’s clear through their respective interaction with their drug connect Miguel. Jenard approaches him and asks for an extension on the funds for a re-up on product while Diamond and Tommy arrive with a duffel bag filled with cash to pay for their own re-up. With all this going on, the episode concludes with federal investigators finally identifying Tommy Egan and making a connection to his past in New York.

With all that being said, he’s a look a the top Power players based on this week’s episode of Power Book IV: Force. Left off the list this week is the entire Flynn family as they’re unable to pick themselves and progress after the shootout that ended season one. Jenard is also off the list as gets off to a slow and shaky as he tries to re-establish himself as a worthy leader in the Chicago drug game now that he has his own territory. He shows up to product re-ups short on cash and he gets beat up for failing to remove Tommy as a player in the Chicago drug game.

So without further ado, here are the top five Power Players we have based on “Tommy’s Back”:

5. D-Mac

'Power Book IV: Force' S2 D-Mac

At the No. 5, we have D-Mac, Tommy’s nephew who is hungry to return to the streets despite recovering from a gunshot wound from last season. This was a high and low episode for him, but his star moment comes when he informs Tommy of a way to move product discreetly through social media. Through a series of emojis that appear on a post or video completely detached from the main objective, viewers can know what is being sold and where to get it. Tommy allows D-Mac to set this up for him and Diamond’s crew, so long as he does it from the couch. It proves to be a success which leaves Tommy smiling from ear to ear at the money coming his way.

4. The Feds

'Power Book IV: Force' S2 Feds

As fans of Tommy Egan and his crew, we don’t want to praise the police too much as we ultimately want Tommy to win, but this week they get a position on the Power Players list. They’re finally able to identify Tommy and uncover his past in New York and connection to James “Ghost” St. Patrick. It’s about time that they’ve been able to identify Tommy, which should’ve been the simplest task on their list. This move could prove to be problematic for Tommy, and it’s because of that they get a spot on the list. However, if it took them this long to identify him, I can only imagine how long it will take for them to take him down, or much simpler, find out where he lives.

3. Miguel

'Power Book IV: Force' S2 Miguel

This week, we’re introduced to a new character. Miguel Garcia is a ruthless and volatile Mexican cartel leader who is the connect for both Tommy and Diamond as well as Jenard’s crews. He earns the third spot on this list simply because Tommy, Diamond, and Jenard’s CBI mess doesn’t affect him as he’s the connect for both sides which means double the money for him. Sure, Tommy has a goal of taking out him to claim the connect position, but that won’t be for a while. So for now, Miguel can continue reaping the benefits of two clients in the same city under the same group.

2. Diamond

'Power Book IV: Force' S2 Diamond

The runner-up on this week’s list is Diamond as his position beside Tommy proves to be beneficial to him. Between him and Tommy, the two seem to have a good partnership. Tommy brings things to the table, as does Diamond, which helps the crew overall. This week, Diamond is the one who orchestrates the meeting with Miguel to re-up on product and introduce Tommy to Miguel now that their partnership is official.

1. Tommy Egan

'Power Book IV: Force' S2 Tommy

Coming in at No. 1 this week, unsurprisingly, is Tommy Egan himself. He makes numerous plays in this week’s episode to keep him and Diamond ahead of the competition while refusing to let their enemies interrupt their progress. He leaks the formula to Dahlia to ruin Claudia’s plans and he enlists D-Mac to help him and Diamond’s crew move product more discreetly and to a wider audience. Even his connection with Mireya proves to be beneficial as it helps D-Mac get medical help quickly after his gunshot wound gets infected. He also makes minimal progress in his mission to avenge Liliana’s death. It’s a good week to be Tommy Egan, we’ll just have to see how many good weeks he has for the rest of the season.

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