11 Habits We’d Better Give Up to Make Our Dishes Last Longer

We’re so used to following the rules around us that we sometimes forget that the things we use every single day have their own specific set of rules that need to be kept in mind if we want to keep them in good shape. The utensils, pots and pans, plates, cutting boards, and other kitchenware that we have in our kitchens all require a certain amount of care that not everyone knows about. If you want to cut back on how much money you spend on kitchenware, take a look at these helpful suggestions.

Bright Side has collected 11 mistakes that many people make in the kitchen.

1. Temperature contrast

The glass lid you can see in the photo might look like this for many different reasons. It’s possible that the handle is screwed on too tightly or maybe there were cracks in it that are invisible to the eye. However, there is one thing that many people do that actually causes it to crack and that’s washing the lid with cold water and then covering a hot pan with it.

Usually, pots and pans (and lids) don’t react well to temperature contrasts. The habits that are listed below can cause your pots, pans, and lids to fall apart:

  • Pouring cold liquids on a hot pan;
  • Heating a dish on the stove right after taking it out of the fridge;
  • Washing hot dishes with cold water.

2. Trial by fire

The influence of overheating on dishes made of different material:

  • Stainless steel gets covered in “rainbow” stains but will still be effective.
  • A non-stick surface can’t be used after this as pieces of the cover will peel off.

3. Misuse of kitchenware

Improvisation in the kitchen is great but not for all kinds of kitchenware. There are rules that should not be broken:

  • A regular kitchen knife can’t be used as a can opener;
  • Plastic containers that are used only to store the food get deformed in a microwave oven;
  • And you can see why cutting boards shouldn’t be used as lids in the photo above.

4. A rock cutting board isn’t good for sharp knives.

Cutting boards made of marble are durable and look great. However, they are not good for knives. You don’t have to give up such cutting boards but be prepared to change your knives more often than you’d like to.

5. Storing and drying dishes together.

Drying dishes the way you can see in the photo above isn’t a good idea. Wooden cutting boards can’t dry properly if they’re in contact with anything that’s wet. Also, when trying to find a piece you need in such a “clean” pile, you can easily drop a plate and break it.

6. Trial by smell

1. Kitchenware has a bad smell if there’s no fresh air. Simple rules can help you avoid such a problem:

  • Store kitchenware in a ventilated place. Be especially careful with ceramic plates as they absorb smells really well.
  • Don’t dry kitchenware on towels.

2. Throw away sponges and cloths more often.

3. Don’t leave any food in your dishes for too long. If you do, the material can absorb the smell and there will be no way to get rid of it.

7. Washing cast iron dishes

Cast iron skillets are like superheroes that are scared of water. The thing is, the grease layer protects the skillet. It prevents the appearance of rust and doesn’t let the food burn.

Don’t leave cast-iron dishes in the water for too long and be careful not to wash them too vigorously as the rust can be removed without damaging the protective layer.

8. Drowning

Leaving a wooden cutting board in the water for a long time causes stains, cracks, and the spreading of germs.

9. Acid attacks

Water + vinegar = a descaling solution. In fact, it’s so effective that it can damage the enamel if you leave it in the kettle for too long. You can see the result in the photo above.

Aluminum can have a chemical reaction with acid and can migrate to food. Scientists warn: too much aluminum in your body can cause serious health issues.

10. Where scratches come from

Here are some things that can scratch a non-stick surface:

  1. Small bones.
  2. Spatulas and spoons of low quality. Utensils made of plastic should be your main choice but you should also be careful when choosing them. The edge should be even so that it doesn’t damage the surface.
  3. Other accidental things in sponges. For example, coffee leftovers can “hide” in a sponge and damage the surface of your dishes.

11. Turning a dishwasher into a torture device.

If only dishes could speak… They would definitely tell us that they hate dishwasher. Lye-based detergents and aggressive temperatures are bad for many kinds of dishes. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Silver fades;
  • Crystal dishes have cracks;
  • Wooden cutting boards get ruined because of the long contact with water;
  • Cast iron skillets get rusty;
  • Consider the water rigidity when washing the glass;
  • Aluminum plates become dark.

Do you have any tips to take care of your kitchenware? Share what you know in the comments section below!

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A Spanish Photographer Captures Passion of People in the Water, and We’re Mesmerized

Joan Carol is a photographer and graphic designer from Spain. More than 100,000 people are delighted with his Instagram account. He uses light, water, and motion to amaze his followers with whom he likes to share a certain sense of energy. If you miss magic in the real world, you’ll be delighted as you scroll through these photos.

We at Bright Side could not resist the temptation to share his most stunning photos. Warning: you may get jealous that you were not picked to be a model!

1. Rain on me

2. Sweet dreams

3. Summer, where are you?

4. Touchdown

5. No matter what they say…

6. But, he that hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail.

7. Come, September.

8. I won’t be a prisoner of your love.

9. Spinning around

10. Instant crush

11. Into you

12. My own way

13. Remember me

14. That’s what I like…

15. I’m loving angels instead.

16. Made for now

17. Feel it still

Which photo did you like the most? Share your feelings with us below!

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12 Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you think that you know absolutely everything about dogs, think again. Even though dogs have been living around us for a very long time, you might still find something surprising in this article. For example, did you know that a dog’s nose is not just sensitive to smell, it’s so unique and multi-functional that we can probably call it a built-in mini-computer?

We at Bright Side want to share some interesting facts with our readers and this is why we prepared this selection for you.

1. Dogs did not originate from wolves.

Believe it or not, modern wolves are not ancestors of dogs. Dogs originated from an entirely different species that disappeared thousands of years ago. Modern American and European wolves are only very distant relatives of dogs, despite the fact that their DNA matches by 99%.

2. Dogs are champions in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Due to the breeding process, these days we have a huge variety of dog breeds with different colors, sizes, shapes, fur, and physical characteristics. The sheer number of dog breeds is larger than with any other mammal, domestic or wild. It is believed that there are more than 400 dog breeds in the world and this is actually just the best guesstimate since it’s constantly growing due to artificial selection.

There is, however, one limit to this variety. The physiology of all dogs, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, is based on the physiology of the ancient wolf.

3. Dogs have a second nose.

The dog’s second nose is known as the vomeronasal organ, also called Jacobson’s Organ. Jacobson’s Organ is a “sense of smell” receptor that is actually not receptive to ordinary odors like the ones humans can sense. In other words, dogs have a double nose — one that’s sensitive and another one that is super-sensitive.

4. A dog’s nose has a unique print.

A dog’s nose print is as unique as a human’s fingerprint and can be used to accurately identify them. That’s right, there are no 2 dogs with absolutely identical nose prints. The Canadian Kennel Club has been using dog nose prints to verify identity since 1938.

5. Dogs sometimes pretend to be sick just to get attention.

Owners often say that their dogs learn to pretend to be sick or injured to get more attention. They are very quick learners after all.

6. Dogs can recognize colors.

It has been believed for many years that dogs see everything in black & white. Actually, dogs can see some colors, but not nearly as many as us. They see green, yellow, and blue colors, but they’re not able to recognize red, which they see as dark grey.

7. Dogs can smile.

Dogs smile, but not always for the same reasons that we do. Apparently dogs smile to convince their master to give them affection. But a smile does not always mean the dog is happy, it can actually be a sign of nervousness. It does look very cute though.

8. Dogs only sleep belly up in places they feel safe.

Sleeping belly-up is only common for domesticated pets, which is not surprising as it is a very defenseless posture. And even domesticated dogs won’t show their bellies if they don’t feel safe and comfortable. But this doesn’t mean that if your dog never sleeps this way that he or she doesn’t feel safe. It’s a personal choice after all.

9. Dogs don’t feel guilty.

Many owners believe that a naughty dog feels guilty, but scientists say that this guilty look is just a reaction to the gestures and behavior of the owner in that moment. The feeling of guilt is a very complex emotion, the dog simply fears getting into trouble. At some point, your dog learned that when he or she makes these “I’m so sorry” eyes, your heart melts.

10. We have changed the development of dogs.

According to research, people unintentionally developed a variant of something called Williams syndrome in dogs. Dogs differ from wolves by characteristic variations in the genes GTF2I and GTF2IRD1. These structural variations result in friendliness in dogs and perhaps this is why dogs are much more sociable than wolves.

11. Dogs instinctively look for contact with people.

Most of the time a puppy’s instincts tell him that the best way to survive is to be near a human, usually their owner. That is why many dogs feel very unsettled when they are left alone at home: at that moment it seems to them that they have been abandoned forever and no one will take care of them anymore.

12. Dogs are very attached to people.

Many mammals are capable of experiencing emotions, like love, fear, and anxiety, but dogs are known for expressing more emotions than any other animal. In addition, dogs understand human body language and their tone of voice.


People who have dogs sleep better at night.

Dog lovers will like the result of this research: Apparently, letting your dog sleep in your bedroom may help you get better quality sleep. However, letting your dog in your bed still might not be a good idea.

Do you have a dog? Tell us about your furry friend and show us a photo in the comments.

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20 Times Wedding Celebrations Went So Wrong It’s Hilarious

After the wedding pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were published, husbands and wives got inspired to share their own wedding pics. Unlike the perfect shots of the royal wedding, these pictures show a whole range of wedding disasters from guests’ photobombs to kids throwing tantrums during the ceremony. It’s probably a rare case when a couple’s wedding album is totally perfect and internet users keep sharing their snaps showing how their wedding ceremonies went hilariously wrong.

Here at Bright Side we’ve prepared a collection for you of funny wedding fails caught on camera.

1. “I took this picture trying to get a fun candid shot of the bride and groom. BEST CHOICE EVER.”

2. It looks like some of the guests don’t feel like taking part in the ceremony…

3. “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo… Until we saw what was between us… We still don’t know who it was.”

4. “The moment when you see the bouquet flying toward your girlfriend.”

5. Professional photobomber detected

6. There’s something wrong in this choice of horses.

7. When you get tired of perfect wedding photos:

8. Oh, those bridesmaid dresses…

9. “I was in a wedding this weekend… Didn’t quite fit in with the other bridesmaids.”

10. Why not? At least the kid’s not crying.

11. “What was my favorite picture from my wedding day? Not me and my husband. This.”

12. Choose bright accessories for plain bridesmaid dresses.

13. When you are late for the photo:

14. What made him feel so upset, we wonder?

15. This was meant to be a romantic photo…

16. A moment before the disaster

17. “Because wedding cakes are overrated…”

18. “At our wedding an usher had a rude girlfriend who wanted to be in the middle of pictures (dressed in white!) I got upset but my photographer said “I’ll fix it later don’t worry!”

19. There are so many things to bear in mind on a wedding day, like the perfect location for wedding pictures.

20. An epic fail is when you kick the bridesmaid and tear your pants with just one jump.

Which of these wedding fails do you find the most hilarious? Tell us in the comments!

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