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Jon Voight has always been one of the screen’s most magnetic actors, and he’s still going. He’s even in the ever-expanding all-star cast of Megalopolis, which reunites him with his The Rainmaker director Francis Ford Coppola. Oh, and he’s also still very all-on for Donald Trump. The former president is in hot water over absconding with — and then refusing to return — highly classified government documents, which has sent TrumpWorld into an incoherent tizzy of nonsensical defenses. Alas, you can count the Academy Award winning actor for the 1978 anti-Vietnam War drama Coming Home among them.

As per Mediaite, Voight recorded another one of his weird pro-Trump videos, in which he combines professional solemnity with hyperbolic nonsense. “My fellow Americans, can we all speak truths? So that we can see the lie that was brought upon our President Trump and the ones who were once on his side are now finding wrong with the documents,” he bellows. “Can we see this lie? Did they ever attack Obama’s home or Clinton’s? Why not?”

The answer, of course, is, no, because neither stole top secret documents, but Voight seems to be more interested in pouring gasoline on a raging fire. “My friends, the deceit will surely die for no man shall turn truths for their ego, for their unrighteousness because our witness will surely condemn this war,” he said, calling it a “third world war, yes. It’s been turned into a war.”

It’s not clear why any other country, apart from Russia, wouldn’t welcome Trump being indicted, or thrown in the slammer. But Voight kept going, calling the government agents investigating actual crimes an “evil force” that will be “wiped out by the power that once helped George Washington win the [Revolutionary War] for freedom.”

Voight is far from the only Trumpist who’s been engaging in violent rhetoric. Lindsey Graham, the senator who denounced Trump on the Senate floor after the Jan. 6 riot only to creep back to his side, threatened that a Trump indictment would lead to “riots.” And Truth Social is so overflowing with violent talk that Google still won’t let it on Android.

Anyway, Midnight Cowboy was pretty good, wasn’t it? He was pretty great on Ray Donovan. And who isn’t enjoying the new novel Heat 2, which brings back Voight’s old fence Nate? Sometimes it’s best to separate the art from the artist, especially if the artist is basically calling on Trump supporters to wreak havoc.

(Via Mediaite)


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