There’s nothing Nicki Minaj is if not loyal. After recently collaborating with Fivio Foreign on “We Go Up” — and even stepping out to help celebrate his birthday — now the queen of rap is listening to his album on repeat this weekend. She took time out of her day to praise the album on Instagram, letting Fivio and several of his collaborators know that she’s a fan.

“This Fivio Foreign album rlly hittin the mthafkn spot,” she wrote in an Instagram story on Saturday. “Sooooo SOLID. Sonically authentic and well thought out. Cohesive body of work with a signature sound that is very true to where he’s from.” Then, she preceded to hashtag which songs were her favorites and call out some features she liked. Nicki’s picks from the record are “For Nothin,” “Changed On Me,” “On God,” and “Hello.” She thinks “KayCyy is [flame emoji] on both of his songs. Chloe bodied her verse. Loved Coi too.”


This might be the first some more casual listeners have heard that Chloe dropped more than one song on Friday. Of course, “Treat Me” was unmissable and is already making waves, but her appearance on “Hello” is something fans can check out above if they’re interested.