Nicci Gilbert Claims ‘P-Valley’ Stole From Her Play

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She also said she secured the rights to her play in 2005 and released a DVD of it in 2011. Nicci asked fellow R&B artists Fantasia, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Monifah, and KeKe Wyatt to star in her project.

After Nicci released the DVD for Soul Kittens Cabaret, she created R&B Divas on TV One. She said that around the same time, she pitched a “spinoff” of the play to Lionsgate in 2014, but that the studio declined a screen version of Soul Kittens Cabaret.

Nicci moved on to other ventures, but after Katori turned her own stage play P-ssy Valley into the TV show P-Valley, Nicci felt it looked a lot like Soul Kittens Cabaret.

Nicci claimed multiple people, including her husband, Leonard Daniels, showed her the similarities between Soul Kittens Cabaret and P-Valley.