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Some of the most memorable plays in NFL history, good and bad, have come with the assistance of some unusual body parts. There’s David Tyree’s helmet catch, Antonio Freeman’s juggling Monday Night touchdown that bounced off legs and feet, and, of course, the Mark Sanchez butt fumble.

49ers corner K’Waun Williams almost added the latest chapter to the NFL’s legendary lineage on Monday night when he hauled in an interception by pinning the ball to his butt while laying on the ground after breaking up a pass to Cooper Kupp.

It is an insanely athletic play and immediately birthed the phrase “buttception” on social media, but, of course, he was flagged for pass interference prior to his incredible effort. The replay shows just how wild of a play it was as Williams reaches back and pulls it in, pinning it to his backside without letting it hit the ground.

Unfortunately a penalty on Williams robbed us of the butt interception counting, but rest assured, it counted in the minds of fans all over who immediately erupted on Twitter. As one would expect, the Buttception quickly moved up the top trends list as fans couldn’t believe Williams had just caught a pass with his backside that got taken away by what was a fairly questionable penalty.

Even the Manningcast had some fun with the play as Philip Rivers had joined Peyton and Eli for the fourth quarter.


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