Moms Call Out Boomer Grandparents Who Overstep Boundaries

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“You have no rights in the United States of America* to your grandchildren. OK? Very likely, the proximity to which you have with your grandchildren reflects the relationship and the type of dynamic you have with your adult children. So if you love, care for, miss, and cherish developing or maintaining or cultivating a relationship with your grandchildren, you may want to start with the source: their parents, your children. And determine the ways in which you and your behavior may or may not dictate how close they want you with their kids,” she concluded in her TikTok.

*There are certain situations where a grandparent can petition for visitation or custody of their grandchildren. But, in the US in general, the law protects parental rights. This means that grandparents’ visitation is not mandatory because, under their parental rights, parents are solely able to decide what is best for their child. 


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