Miley Cyrus Appears To Be Teasing Music For The ‘New Year’ As Fans Spot Her Cryptic Global Posters

Miley Cyrus fans might be in for a special holiday treat, as the pop star appears to be teasing some music in the new year. A picture of new posters in Los Angeles went viral on Twitter, bearing the phrase “New year, new Miley.” Other fans have added spotting them in major cities like Copenhagen, so whatever is coming appears to be major.

“queen of rock is coming,” one fan replied. “we haven’t recovered from the collapse that plastic hearts was we really aren’t ready,” another wrote.

Cyrus appeared in Rae Sremmurd’s Instagram post with her former Bangerz era producer, Mike Will Made It. Many fans have speculated that she might be returning to the roots of the iconic 2013 album, which is regarded as a favorite. “EAR DRUMMERS & HEAD BANGERZ!” Sremmurd wrote.

Adding to the seemingly-confirmed theories, People Magazine reported that Sremmurd also posted “2023” on his Instagram story — coinciding with Cyrus’ timeline on the posters.

Earlier this year, she dropped the Attention live album that included her viral covers of Joan Jett, Madonna, and many more. Cyrus is also set to co-host her annual Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party alongside Dolly Parton, which will air live on December 31 on NBC and Peacock.