Instead of eating too much stuffing (jk there’s no such thing as too much stuffing) and watching football, Mike Lindell will spend his Thanksgiving futilely attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Sounds… fun? “I cannot wait to drop this Supreme Court case the Tuesday at 9 a.m. before Thanksgiving and the whole world is going to be watching all this unfold over Thanksgiving,” he previously told Steve Bannon. “We’re going to do a marathon from Wednesday night of Thanksgiving all the way to Sunday.”

Can’t you do a Turkey Trot like the rest of us?

This week, Lindell shared a teaser of his Thanksgiving week broadcast, including an interview with Donald Trump wearing an ill-fitting tuxedo. “You go back to November 4 and we all lived this Twilight Zone… There’s an old saying, y’know, if a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it, did it really fall? Well, then the media tells us there is no forest,” the pillow lord said in the clip. “We were all living in this Twilight Zone and you were living there with us, but then you had all the betrayals and attacks on you that escalated to a whole another level.” He also regurgitated something Trump’s son Eric told him once, and said that he’s been “praying” for the ex-president to “have strength.”

Here it is:

I’m inspired to hit the streets and demand that Trump… get a better tuxedo. Otherwise, the teaser is not having its intended effect.

(Via Raw Story)