Metallica Issued A Warning To Fans About Crypto Scams Tied To Their Upcoming Album, ’72 Seasons’

New Facebook Page:

No, Metallica has not gotten into Crypto. Following the announcement of their new album, 72 Seasons, last week, it appears the metal rockers are the subject of several crypto giveaway scams — to the point where they’ve now warned fans not to fall for it.

“In the wake of last week’s exciting news of our new song, new album, and new tour, unfortunately the ugly side of social media made an appearance. Many of you have let us know about YouTube channels and live streams, as well as websites, claiming to offer Metallica Crypto giveaways in conjunction with last week’s announcement,” they posted.

“Let’s be as clear as possible. These are scams,” it continued. “They’re being streamed on fake YouTube channels posing to be ours and all pointing to websites that we do not run. Please remember – all of our official social media channels are verified. Always look for official verification before believing something wild and crazy to be true. We thank all of you who have been vigilant in reporting these live streams to YouTube and to us… please don’t let up!”

One of these scams was spotted by a fan on Twitter three days ago after a fake Metallica YouTube account used a band interview from 2020 to encourage people to send in their Crypto earnings under the guise of a “giveaway.” And sadly, some have fallen for it. A 51-year-old man lost $25,000 in the Bitcoin transfer that Kansas police are now investigating.

If anyone here is considering sending in your Crypto to the fake Metallica… Just don’t.


New Facebook Page: