‘Love Life’ Passes The Torch From Anna Kendrick’s (Married) Character To William Jackson Harper In A Teaser Trailer

HBO Max intended for Love Life to be one of a handful of shows to launch the streaming service, and then you-know-what happened, which pushed production schedules into disarray. Still, executive producer Paul Feig had reason to celebrate the show’s solo-act success while speaking with us, and Season 2 is finally happening after other HBO Max shows followed Love Life‘s lead. Last season, for the most part, didn’t treat Anna Kendrick’s Darby too kindly in the love department (girlfriend has a bad picker, which happens), but a new teaser reveals that things appear to have worked out for her.

Maybe? Darby got married, and she’s downing a shot, so read into that what you will. However, Darby departs the frame, and a new show lead immediately walks into view.

Enter Marcus Watkins, portrayed by William Jackson Harper (and his Jacked Chidi arms), who’s hitting the bar in this teaser. According to the season synopsis, Marcus has emerged from a long-term relationship with the lady who he believed “was going to be his person.” Yeah, Marcus needs to take a break, right? Well, a break doesn’t always make for interesting TV, so it sounds like Marcus is going to find a whole lot of drama after being “plunged back into the search for the romantic fulfillment that he thought he had already found.”

There’s no telling whether we’ll keep seeing Anna Kendrick make appearances, but she’s on board to executive produce alongside Harper and Feig. Three episodes from Season 2 will stream on October 28, followed by three more on November 4 and four on November 11. Let’s hope that Darby didn’t end up with an a-hole of a spouse, and the same sentiment goes for Marcus during his ongoing search for love.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/love-life-season-2-teaser-trailer/