Joe Biden Had No Desire To Respond To A Heckler: ‘Everybody’s Entitled to Be an Idiot’

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Calling all would-be hecklers: Joe Biden does not have time for your bullsh*t!

As Deadline reports, the president spent his Labor Day in Milwaukee, where he spoke with a group of union workers. That’s when a heckler decided to interject his opinion into what was meant to be a one-way conversation, and Biden made it clear that he wasn’t about to respond to that kind of malarkey.

During his speech, which was broadcast on MSNBC, Biden noted that, “As I said last week, we remain in the battle for the soul of America.” That’s when someone in the crowd decided he didn’t like what he was hearing and shouted out some bit of unintelligible gobbledygook. Biden, taking the high road, responded with an “Alright, God love ya.” But others in the crowd weren’t content to just let the agitator insult their president then go about his business.

When irritated attendees began booing and shouting back at the would-be wave-maker, Biden told them, “No, no, no … don’t — let him go,” then, without missing a beat, added that “everybody’s entitled to be an idiot.”

He’s not wrong.

Video taken by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed the man eventually being escorted out of the venue.

It’s hardly the first time Biden has had to contend with a mouthy critic. At least in this case, said loudmouth wasn’t a member of Congress.

(Via Deadline)


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