If You Want Your Home To Look Trendier But Don’t Know Where To Begin, These 21 Products Are Here To Help

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Promising review:I am in love with these tiles! It was a little trickier to cut them than I expected, but they made a huge impact on my kitchen, and it only took a couple of hours! I did caulk around the bottom and in any strange gaps, which made it look more professional in my opinion. I had been looking for peel-and-stick tiles in this color for almost a year, but everything was too blue or too green; these are a perfect blue-gray for my home.” —k

Price: $22.99+ for a pack of four sheets (available in two colors)

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/danicreahan/if-you-want-your-home-to-look-trendier-these-target

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