‘I still have a screenshot’: Customer reveals Olive Garden Alfredo sauce recipe as payback after they double-charge him and don’t refund order

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The keeper of fast food secrets revealed Olive Garden Alfredo sauce in a viral TikTok—as payback for bad service.

In the video, Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) explains that three years ago, Olive Garden accidentally released a document with recipes for most of their menu items, including their “world famous” Alfredo sauce.

The company somehow managed to wipe the document from the internet, which is no small feat. They’ve since reached out to Jordan to see if he knows the recipe since he’s the “President of the Fast Food Secrets Club.” The TikToker who regularly posts hacks and about his experience working in the industry didn’t tell them whether or not he knew the recipe.

However, he says he recently went to the restaurant and was double charged for his food and wasn’t given a refund. The consequence? The restaurant’s secret is about to come out.

Jordan shares that he apparently does know the recipe and has it written down in a white journal he refers to as his “book of secrets.”

He proceeds to read off the recipe and ingredients, which includes butter, garlic, flour, milk, heavy cream, parmesan, romano, salt, and pepper.

“Have fun,” he tells viewers at the end of the minute-long clip.

“I’m writing this down immediately because I am scared they’re going to try and take down the video,” a commenter wrote.

The TikTok has more than 1.9 million views and thousands of comments.

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Jordan is known for having obscure, elusive, and sometimes top-secret information about the biggest fast-food chains. He rose to popularity for sharing these secrets on TikTok (usually while filming himself in his bathroom mirror). He has a whopping 9.8 million TikTok followers, and his videos regularly get between 1 and 9 million views.

Several former Olive Garden employees said they felt avenged by Jordan’s payback.

“I just quit olive garden so this feels so cathartic for me lmao,” a person wrote.

“Olive Garden stole my soul in college. Please continue…,” another said.

Others had jokes about the situation.

“Man gonna start getting 5 star service from every fast food place now to stop the secret leaks,” another theorized.

“Olive Garden. when you’re here, you’re family. Except Jordan,” a commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jordan and Olive Garden for comment via email.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/olive-garden-alfredo-sauce-leaked-recipe/
New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/