An AT&T customer went viral on TikToker after sharing her hack for lowering her bill while keeping her current plan.

The customer, Kimberley (@kdhay15), posted a five-second video that garnered 1.3 million views within a week. In the video, she didn’t say a word. She simply raised her eyebrow and allowed the on-screen text to speak for her.

“Did you know if you call AT&T and ask for the loyalty department and threaten to leave you can get up to 25% discount on your plan… just add automatic, paperless billing,” it read. “I just shaved $40 a month off my bill. Dial 611.”

@kdhay15 #loweryourphonebill#at&thack#callloyaltydepartment ♬ original sound – Joy / winter

Several viewers in the comments section were quick to attest to the validity of the hack.

“It’s the retention department & it’s true they’ll reduce ur bill to keep you. #FormerEmployee,” one viewer commented.

“True I just did this yesterday and they lowered my bill $50 per month for the next 12 months,” a second shared.

“They offered me 50% off my bill when I called to cancel,” a third wrote.

Some viewers were skeptical, however, and called the hack a “misconception.”

“Hi employee here, I hate this misconception. We will give promos/discounts everytime [they] are provided to us but we don’t always have them. All you have to do is ask 🙂 no threat to cancel needed,” one user shared.

“I work for the loyalty department and it’s not always a guarantee,” a second agreed.

“Total BS. Loyalty Dept. has nothing to do with it. It’s just saving them $ when you sign up for paperless / auto,” another wrote.

Other users commented that customers shouldn’t have to threaten to leave a business to get cheaper rates. Many wrote that instead of sticking with AT&T, they took their business to providers that offered cheaper plans from the start.

“The way I saved was to leave AT&T. I saved nearly $80 a month,” one user wrote.

“If you have to threaten a business in order to be treated fairly then you shouldn’t be doing business with them anyway,” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kimberley via TikTok comment and to AT&T via email.

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