‘I had no idea that you played favorites.’ Shopper Claims Target “Circle Rewards” Gives Customers Different Bonuses And People Confirm It In The Comments

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I guess all Target shoppers are not created equal?

At least that seems to be the case based on a video posted by a devoted Target shopper who accused the chain store of playing favorites for how it awards customers store credit bonuses.

The woman talked to viewers about the different spending and earning amounts that she and a friend received as part of the store’s Circle Rewards program.

She said, “Target, you’ve got some explaining to do. As much as I love you, and I really do, I had no idea that you played favorites within your Target app. So if you have a Target app, too, listen up.”

Source: TikTok/@peruxican

She then went on to explain how the Circle Rewards program works and said, “So you could spend $70 four times and you’ll get $25, you’ll see this one’s active right now. I sincerely thought these were standard that went out to everybody.”

Source: TikTok/@peruxican

She then explained, “Um, I was wrong. This is not mine. This is actually my friend. So I will show you mine. So this is actually within my app, so I do get a better reward, I can get $60 but I have to spend $150 4 different times. I have to spend $600 before they would give me anything. I’m so curious what other people’s apps say.”

Hmmm…she might be on to something…

Source: TikTok/@peruxican

Take a look at what she had to say.


I also have friends that say they have to spend $70 x 4 but only get $15 reward @target target greenscreen

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Here’s how folks responded.

One person shared how their deal works.

Source: TikTok/@peruxican

Another individual thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.

Source: TikTok/@peruxican

And this TikTokker said they thought everyone always had the same deal…

Source: TikTok/@peruxican

How are people getting $30 back when they spend $90?! That’s a crazy rebate.

Maybe I should go to Target more…

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