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A lot of moms sing to their babies, but most babies don’t have the luxury of their mothers being internationally renowned pop stars. Ender, the boy to whom Halsey gave birth around this time last year, is in those shoes, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate it.

Halsey was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon started the chat by asking if Ender likes Halsey singing to him. Halsey answered, “Oh… no. No, he hates it. No, he’s my biggest critic.”

They continued, “It’s funny. My mom: She can’t carry a tune in a bucket. It’s really bad, and when she sings, his eyes light up like she’s the stars and the moon, but when I sing, he’s not a fan. Not a fan.”

Halsey then noted when she sings to Ender, all she gets is a sad on-the-verge-of-crying face. They continued, “Most kids would be really happy.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Fallon and Halsey talked about the release of “So Good,” neither of them explicitly addressing the issues Halsey had with her label when it came to releasing the song. Halsey did say, though, “I think as an artist, you just want to be able to release things, you know? Music is such a cool industry because you have the luxury to put stuff out as soon as it comes to you, as soon as it’s a thought and a feeling and it’s current to the moment. So I was really, really keen to just kind of get this out now while I was just feeling it so strongly.”

Later, Halsey noted she thinks Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown would be a strong pick to play her in a biopic, alluding to how often the two have been said to look alike over the years.

Watch the interview above. Halsey and Fallon also played the “Best Friends Challenge,” so check that out below.


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