Halsey Encourages Voter Registration After The Uvalde School Shooting: ‘Lawmakers Protect Guns Over Our Youth’

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Ever since the recent Uvalde, Texas school shooting, many in entertainment have used their platforms to offer their thoughts, both on that specific incident and on the state of gun violence and gun control in the United States more broadly. Now Halsey has added their voice to the conversation, first by conceding they don’t have much to say before encouraging followers to make sure they’re registered to vote, presumably so they can elect officials who will change gun laws in the US.

In an Instagram Story yesterday, Halsey wrote, “it is so difficult to make statements and engage in conversations about lives lost to gun violence and mass shootings because it is so frequent and so horrific. But unfortunately it is also a routine news story for this generation and it shouldn’t be. I have nothing of value to add to this conversation because it never seems to move forward. And I don’t think a graphic from a musician is going to do anything but add noise to an already loud discussion. Just like many of you, as a mother I’m scared. As a big sister I’m scared. As a citizen I’m angry. I cant think of anything to say besides make sure you’re registered to vote. I just want all school age children to be protected and not grow up in the epicenter of this trauma. It is so futile and revolting that lawmakers protect guns over our youth. It’s despicable.”

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In recent days, Halsey has also expressed frustration with their label allegedly preventing them from releasing a new single (an issue that likely now seems less significant to them in light of the aforementioned recent events).

Source: https://uproxx.com/pop/halsey-voter-registration-uvalde-school-shooting/

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