“Girl Yelling at Boy” Memes Are Hilariously Taking Over

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She’s got her arm looped over his shoulder while she points off in another direction. In the picture, she’s yelling something directly into his ear while he looks visibly bored … or maybe even a little annoyed.

Turns out they’re a couple who happened to be in the background of someone’s night-club photo in Argentina in 2019, and they’re no longer together anymore. The young woman’s name is Denise Sanchez, and she told Know Your Meme that she wasn’t really yelling so much as just singing to boyfriend, but she seems to have a great sense of humor about the resulting memes.

Per the outlet, the meme started in Spanish-speaking circles in 2019 and has recently seen a resurgence beyond that. Also known as the “Girl Bro Explaining” meme, these are some of the funniest ones that have been rounded up so far…

Source: https://www.distractify.com/p/girl-yelling-at-boy-memes

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