Foster Parents Are Opening Up About Their Experiences

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“We’ve been a foster family for nine years now; we have four of our own children and 26 foster children. Our children are mostly grown up and have moved out of the house (except for the youngest two, who are both in high school). I work full time outside of the home, and my wife is a stay-at-home mom. It’s awesome being a rock for children entering our care.”

“Every situation is different, so that initial approach is also different. However, every child needs the same things: love, safety, and stability. And don’t assume that a child is in care because of a traumatic event; it could be as simple as the parent(s) needing to care for themselves before they can care for the child. We are a family unit. 

But then comes the system. … There is something that makes it all ineffective and at times cruel. In many provinces and territories, you’ll find huge differences in their structure from one county or town to another. We’ve seen one community move a sibling group from foster/respite homes maybe a dozen times over a period of a month. No child is going to feel safe or loved in that situation. 

Bottom line: There has never been a problem with a child; children come into our care with problems. The system creates more problems than it solves for foster families and especially the children once they are in care.” 

–longtimefoster via Reddit