The “Ready Up” button is currently gone in ‘Fortnite,’ but why did Epic Games remove it? It seems to be a bug — but players still aren’t happy.

'Fortnite' OG
Source: Epic Games

The Gist:

  • Players noticed the “Ready Up” button disappeared after you win or lose a match in Fortnite.
  • The developers have tweeted that it’s been temporarily disabled “due to an issue.”
  • It’s unclear when it’ll be reinstated, and fans aren’t happy about it.

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Popular battle royale game Fortnite has seen a sudden increase of players as the game brings back the OG map — something long-time fans have requested since Chapter 2 rolled out in 2019.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t come without its issues. though players are loving the opportunity to revisit the map as it originally was, there have been a host of glitches that keep players from enjoying their matches. Specifically, the sudden absence of the “Ready Up” button at the end of the match. This button allowed players to launch right into another match, reducing loading time between matches. But what happened to the “Ready Up” button, and why did Epic Games remove it?

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Why did ‘Fortnite’ remove the “Ready Up” button? It seems to be a technical issue.

Though the “Ready Up” button made rolling from one match into another incredibly easy in Fortnite, it seems as though with the recent update, it needed to be disabled for the time being, as there are some technical issues that are preventing it from working right.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account tweeted about the issue, stating that it would be unavailable until the issue was resolved.

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“Please note: We’ve temporarily disabled Split Screen functionality and the ‘Ready Up’ and ‘Keep Playing Together’ buttons due to an issue,” the tweet read. “We’re investigating a fix for this now and will provide an update when these features have been re-enabled.” This tweet was made on Nov. 16, and as of this writing there has not been an update as to when it will return.

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Unfortunately, this is still an issue a lot of players are taking issue with. Though it seems like a small thing to be disabled for the time being, players are particularly critical of issues like this, especially following Epic Games’s decision to do some massive layoffs.

“Note that they tweeted this being disabled before the season went live at 9AM ET. This means they knew their new update broke it, but decided to release the update anyway,” one Redditor pointed out about the tweet. “The only explanation for this is Epic is cheaping out on development resources and not spending enough on devs/testers to meet their release schedule.”

Others griped about the developer’s consistent lag fixing issues players come across.

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“Another day, another Epic bug. But at least this one is too big to ignore so it looks like they’ll actually fix it, as opposed to other glitches like screen shake and unresponsive controller buttons,” another Redditor wrote. “Maybe one day they’ll decide to put their customers ahead of profits…”

It seems that for now, the “Ready Up” button will not work until Epic Games discovers what’s causing the issue behind the scenes — though rest assured, once it’s repaired, the button is likely to return to matches, and the @FortniteStatus account will tweet about it being restored.

Until then, you will have to return to the lobby in between matches. Though this will obviously take a bit longer than players are used to, it will not stop you from enjoying Fortnite as you have before.