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Just because the FBI has already seized hundreds of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago doesn’t mean Donald Trump isn’t hoarding more top-secret goodies — and former members of the ex-POTUS’ inner circle have some pretty good ideas of where more might be hiding.

As Raw Story reports, one-time allies of Trump have offered up some ideas of a few different locations that could be ripe with classified intel. On Wednesday, longtime Trump lawyer-turned-informant Michael Cohen tweeted his best guesses in response to a Washington Post article titled “Trump team may have hidden, moved classified papers, Justice Dept. says.” According to Cohen, additional documents shouldn’t be the only concern: Copies of the originals are also a possibility, and he thinks the FBI might want to set their sights northward, including toward Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf club and his Fifth Avenue penthouse.

The “Weisselberg” Cohen is referring to, of course, is Allen Weisselberg—the prison-bound former CFO of the Trump Organization who has been working with the Trump family for more than half-a-century.

John Bolton — Trump’s former National Security Adviser, who’s been sharing all sorts of stories lately — had the same thoughts. In an interview with Sky News, Bolton admitted that he “wouldn’t be surprised if there were more highly classified documents at Bedminster or some other residence of his.”

Maybe that’s why Jared and Ivanka refused to let the Secret Service use their bathrooms, Those Trumps do have a thing for flushing the evidence, after all.

(Via Raw Story)


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