‘Domino’s don’t owe you nothing’: Woman chides Domino’s worker for canceling after she was 76 cents short, sparking debate

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A woman on TikTok claimed Domino’s Pizza canceled her order after she was 76 cents short, and many viewers are now criticizing her.

In the video, TikToker Franshae (@im.franshae) holds up a $20 bill as a delivery driver walks away.

“You’re really canceling my order for Domino’s because I’m 76 cents short? And I have a baby who has COVID, and this is all I have … $20…” she says in the video.

“We need dinner! Where’s the humanity of the company ?” Franshae asked in the video’s caption.

Her video currently has over 5.4 million views.

@im.franshae #canceldominos $20 to my name can’t work no child care! My 1 year old son has Covid I also have Covid! We need dinner! Where’s the humanity of the company ? Domino’s cancel my order because I’m $.76 short. A safe home put us in Quarantine in a room #DVSurvier issues! I fleed my abuser so we have nothing! I’m just lucky to be alive #dominos #franshaesmith ♬ original sound – Franshae

While Franshae’s video seemed to be seeking support, many users on TikTok sided with Domino’s.

“Domino’s don’t owe you nothing,” one user wrote.

“The entitlement of people still blows my mind,” a second added.

“So they’re supposed to give you free pizza I’m confused,” a third stated.

“Yeah, you also basically just told him you don’t money to tip either,” a further user explained. “So your not tipping him and that 76 cents comes out of his money.”

Many users echoed this last point.

“Ao you expected the delivery driver to not get tip & pay .76 cents for you !?” a commenter asked.

“When I worked delivering pizzas if I came back and the customer did not pay the full amount my boss took it out of MY paycheck and I didn’t get a tip,” a further user claimed.

Franshae had a stock response for her detractors, which she copied and pasted in response to many of the comments in the thread.

“Laughing at the poor because I’m gay and have a sick baby your going to hell,” she wrote. “I did say sorry to domino’s on my instagram.”

The apology she’s referring to is this video, where she apologizes to a range of people including her own child and the Domino’s corporation.

It’s unclear how serious the apology is, as Franshae is now attempting to brand herself using the phrase “76 cents.” 

Some variation of “#76cents” appears on multiple Instagram posts, such as this one and this one.

She also posted a picture of 76 cents in her hand with the caption “Am I still broke y’all?”

We’ve reached out to Franshae for comment via Instagram direct message.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/dominos-76-cents-short/

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