Death Confirmed on 9 Month Royal Caribbean World Cruise — Who Died?

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The deceased was an elderly woman who had embarked on the journey alone.

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Back in December 2023, Royal Caribbean set sail on their Ultimate World Cruise — a nine-month adventure that will take passengers to every corner of the globe. This extraordinary journey, spanning 274 nights, ferries passengers across the world’s seven continents.

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It takes them through more than 60 countries and offers the chance to marvel at 11 global wonders. Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing adventure, right?

Unfortunately, a somber note has been struck on the nine-month cruise; a death has been reported. The death has been confirmed by Royal Caribbean, as reported by The Washington Post.

Death on cruise ship made public by social media creator.

In a report from MSN, Adita, a well-known content creator and cruise ship enthusiast who is currently a passenger on the Serenade of the Seas, shared some distressing news in a recent TikTok video that has since been deleted.

She revealed, “We experienced our first death on the Ultimate World Cruise.” The deceased was an elderly woman who had embarked on the journey alone.

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According to Adita per MSN, the woman passed away in her cabin. As she was returning to her room, Adita happened to witness staff members removing the woman’s body.

This understandably left a profound impact on her, as she expressed the event as incredibly saddening for her because she was at the scene when the woman’s body was removed.

The name of the woman who passed away has not yet been released by authorities. Royal Caribbean is currently notifying next of kin.

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What happens if you die on a cruise ship?

When a passenger dies on a cruise ship, several protocols are followed to manage the unfortunate situation. The course of action largely depends on the specifics of the voyage and the deceased’s circumstances.

According to Business Insider, if a death occurs while the ship is sailing, the body is kept in the ship’s morgue until it reaches a major port. This procedure ensures that the body is preserved properly and can be transported with dignity once the ship docks.

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If the passenger was traveling alone at the time of their death, the responsibility falls on the cruise line to notify the emergency contact provided by the deceased passenger. Contrary to what some might expect, cruise ships usually do not turn back or halt their journey due to a death onboard.

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The unfortunate death of a passenger aboard the nine-month Ultimate World Cruise underscores the reality that unforeseen incidents can occur, even amidst the grandeur and excitement of a world-spanning voyage.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder that while such cruises offer unparalleled experiences and the chance to explore the globe, they are not immune to the realities and unpredictability of life. It is a somber moment for the crew, passengers, and the broader cruising community, who are united in their shared love for sea travel and exploration.


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