Dave Chappelle’s Chaotic ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ Set Won’t Be Coming To Netflix

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Last week Dave Chappelle was attacked at the end of a set he was doing at the “Netflix is a Joke” festival. It raised concerns about the safety of stand-ups after what Will Smith did to Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars. It also prompted a lot of jokes. But if you weren’t physically present at the show, which was held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, then you’ll probably never see it beyond some rinky-dink bootleg.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix used the festival in part to generate content. Some of the sets will one day appear on the streamer. There will even be a “Best of the Festival,” rounding up highlights from the prolific fest, which featured 336 comics doing 228 shows at 35 venues. Alas, Chappelle’s explosive set won’t be one of them.

Mind you, it’s not because of the attack. Chappelle’s set was never one of the ones Netflix was going to film with professionals for later airing. There is footage of it, though, filmed by Chappelle’s own team, for his private use, as comics often have their shows taped for later consultation. Even if he ever made the footage available to the public, it likely isn’t the kind of slick, multi-camera production you get with most stand-up specials. Then again, the world has already seen its shocking conclusion.

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New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/