The Oscars weren’t the only awards show trying to capitalize on Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith in front of the entire world. According to a new report, the Golden Globes tried to lock down Rock as a host for next year’s ceremony. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association reportedly offered Rock what’s being described as a “sh*t-ton” of money, but the comedian gave the Globes the same answer he gave the Oscars when they tried to get him to come back: No thanks.

As Puck reports, the Golden Globes are in a tenuous spot after last year’s broadcast was scuttled when major stars boycotted the event over diversity issues. The awards ceremony is trying to make a comeback, but it needs all the ratings it can get hence the move to pull a dump truck full of money up to Rock’s house. Via Comic Book:

This year’s show will be on NBC and Peacock, but there’s just a one-year deal in place, meaning that if their ratings don’t perform, there’s no guarantee of a new deal next year.

Using a very appropriate sports metaphor, Puck summed up the situation: “the Globes now are basically an aging player in a contract year, hoping to avoid a career-ending injury (like a celebrity boycott), put up impressive-enough numbers, test free agency, and ultimately take their talents to South Beach-or in this case, CBS or Netflix.”

Of course, if the Globes are that desperate for numbers, they could go in the other direction and ask Will Smith to host. People would probably tune in just to see how many celebrities flinch when walking onstage to get their awards. Something to think about.

(Via Comic Book)