Cher Responds To Dua Lipa Comparison

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Cher recently was compared to another major pop star — and she had an interesting reaction.

Earlier this week, a fan sent out a now-deleted tweet calling Dua Lipa “the Cher of our generation,” which apparently befuddled the iconic musician.

When Cher caught wind that she was being compared Dua on social media, she decided she had to send a response.

In a sly response, Cher simply wrote, “How many yrs are in a generation 🤔”

@cher / Via Twitter: @cher

To answer her question, there are about 25 years in a generation — but that’s probably not quite the point she was making.

And while Cher and Dua should be individually recognized for their accomplishments, it’s clear that Cher has inspired Dua throughout the years.

Like when Dua’s 2021 Grammys look drew comparisons to Cher’s butterfly outfit at the same event in 1974.

Or when Dua showed off a look very similar to Cher’s stunning 1974 Met Gala outfit.

And while comparisons can be made, at the end of the day, there can only be one Cher and one Dua — both who have left their mark on pop culture.

Dua has not yet responded to Cher’s comment.


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