Charli XCX Is Teasing Glamorous Looks From Her ‘Good Ones’ Music Video That Will Kick Off Her A New Era

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Charli XCX has been on a rampage lately. As if last year’s fast-paced pandemic release how i’m feeling now wasn’t enough, she’s already back at work and about to release yet another new album. According to Charli, this one is an “ultra pop star” moment that’s decidedly “poptastic,” and she is going in the opposite direction of her last record. Even though how i’m feeling now was the perfect glitchy and chaotic accompaniment to quarantine life, this new era seems like an equally exciting one.

Since Charli already announced the first single for this massive new album, “Good Ones,” would be released on September 2, it’s not surprising that she’s begun teasing looks from the music video that will accompany it. “vid nxt week” she wrote on Twitter, while sharing several va-va-voom photos that confirm what we already knew — her new phase will be ultra glam on an aesthetic level, too.

According to more scans of her social media feed, the new song “Good Ones” has lyrics like “I always let the good ones go,” and she’s shared plenty more photos that seem tied to the new video, too. Check those out below and look for the new song and video coming next week.


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