Earlier this week when everyone’s favorite best friend Chrissy Teigen revealed she was a big fan of vaginal steaming, it made the whole Internet go, “Huh?” As everyone frantically Googled what the hell that even was, others were pondering if they should give the beauty trend a try. After all, Chrissy cosigned it. 

But not all advice given by celebs should be taken. In fact, some tips recommended by famous folks are downright harmful and potentially dangerous (and yes, that includes vajayjay steaming). Below, celebrity-approved beauty trends you should definitely skip.


Steaming your vaj doesn’t do anything and is straight-up dangerous.


Waist trainers won’t give you a skinny waist, but it will squeeze the crap out of your organs.


Detox teas won’t help you lose weight, and you’ll have really bad diarrhea.


“Fire burning” your split ends will damage your hair and possibly burn down your house.


Using hemorrhoid cream to de-puff eyes only works temporarily and might cause irritation.


Micro-needling can damage your skin and cause infections.


Juice cleanses are pretty much just starvation with tons of sugar.


Slathering your face in Vaseline won’t make you look like Tyra Banks, and you’ll probably get zits.


Glitter makeup will make you look like a sparkly unicorn, but it might damage your eyesight.


Contouring will damage your skin and clog your pores.

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