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Woman Kicked Out Of Trader Joe’s Speaks Out, Says She Can’t Medically Wear A Mask


Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores are taking necessary precautions during the pandemic. Greeters at the door make sure everyone is wearing a mask, and they point shoppers to appropriate signage and hand sanitizer stations.

We recently reported on a shopper at Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood who unleashed a rage-filled tirade upon the staffers and customers.

Employees asked her to leave the store multiple times for her refusal to wear a mask inside the store, and a tantrum ensued.

“Democratic pigs!” she shouted, claiming the mandatory mask requirement is a violation of federal law.

Since the video has gone viral, the woman is now speaking out publicly and has asked to remain anonymous.

In the clip below, the woman defends her decision to an Inside Edition reporter who presses her on the issue.

“Are you sorry you reacted the way you did because you were captured on tape?” he asks.

As you’ll see, she explains why she cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons.

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