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Woman Celebrates Getting Her PhD By Having A Beautiful Maternity Shoot For Her Dissertation


A woman getting her doctorate from Florida State University found the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. Eve Humphrey treated herself to a maternity photo shoot. Eve isn’t pregnant, however. She did it to celebrate bringing her dissertation into the world.

“I was in it for six years. And so, because of that, I felt like with getting married and just working on something for so long and feeling the physical and emotional effects of it, so many people would say, ‘Oh, when are you gonna have kids? When is the baby coming?’” Eve explained. “I’m like, I have a baby. I’ve been working on it, you’ll see it when it’s done.”

In the beautiful photos, Eve lovingly cradles a stack of papers. They also appear in a baby seat with a sign giving all the details of the dissertation’s milestones so far.

“I was like, I’m gonna do something different so that I can make sure that I remember this and celebrate myself because I don’t do that great of a job of celebrating myself, I just move on to the next thing,” Eve explained.

Since going viral, the photoshoot has created quite a dialogue around it. “People are angry about it, people are excited about it, it’s led to discussions about women in academia and whether women are celebrated enough for their achievements, or if there is more focus on child-rearing,” she noted.

Eve is officially a doctor of biological science, specifically in ecology and evolution. Her focus is on how plants and animals interact with their environment.

Watch the video to find out more about Eve’s photo shoot!

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